It’s time to practice and a part of me resists… lingers in the comfort of a couch in the morning, thinking of tea and some tasty food, and maybe practice later….

It’s time to practice and a part of me opens… longs for the sweet feelings that arise because of giving so much…

It’s time to recognize the face that I so often hide, the revelation of my beauty that cannot be missed when I give everything to that forward bend.  Everything inside me shaking, longing, aroused, exhausted, strong, steady, loving in ways that blow the world wide open.

It’s time to love every cell of my body and listen to the hum of truth coursing through me.  It’s time to press the intensity of my everything into my deep devotion for a universe of light, and imagine that I know how it feels to love every speck of starfire and stardust completely.

It’s time to listen to her voice and be thankful for the only true Yoga teacher I believe in.

It’s time to listen to my voice and be thankful for this opportunity to radiate so strong I may explode into bliss.  If I do not return, I am only freed into love.

It’s time to love my practice as tenderly, fully, and devotedly as I love my lover.

It’s time to embrace all edges with the fullness of breath and surrender to the journey as I am swallowed by the love that burns stars.

It’s time to practice, and just before or after the explosion happens I am softened into a puddle of grace, perfectly knowing the pool of light that lives me.  The moments of softening after the edge, the moments of near madness leading to brilliance, bring me back to this mat every day.  Linger my love across a page…  Linger my heart in the center of the universe…. And linger my heart, my legs, my self longing for more.  And appreciating what has been done.

At the end of it all, I am fully enveloped in the reward of the deepest, softest and strongest forward bend.  Thank Sofia for making me stay there for so long.

At the end of it all, I slowly move, fully renewed.  High on the fullness and beauty of a body, a mind, a heart, a spirit, that has pressed everything into a mat yet again.

Pressed everything as love into a world again, into the cosmos yet again.

Pressed my deepest love into the very fibers of my body, and emerge consumed by the love that lives me.

How can I love the world even more deeply?

It’s time to practice.