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Sometimes I forget. Do you? I forget that we are actually on a spaceship. That is not a metaphor – we are on this tiny globe in a big vast universe that looks empty. But it’s not empty. Not even a little bit. Not anywhere. The air around you is no more empty than the components of your body. Because all of this is a huge miracle.

And sometimes I have a day where I am frustrated because traffic sucks and I can’t find what I need anywhere I stop to look for it. And sometimes I feel confused because the heart is a complex and radiant organ and it is so vast I could never explore it enough to understand all of it. And sometimes I know all of that territory without looking. And sometimes the sun seems to be radiating from the center of my chest.

And sometimes I look in the mirror and I see age happening. I see my skin changing and I see that I must have laughed a lot in my 34 years, as my face is carved with my expressions like this beautiful land gets carved with water and wind and our footsteps.

Every day I am carving a path through this journey of time and space and experience. Every day I am challenged, every challenge shows me something new to play with.

When was the last time you got on a swing set? I love to swing really high and at the top of the swing I like to open my face to the sky and imagine I am flying all the way out into it. The clouds, the stars, the deep blue, the murky gray, the mystery and the beauty that breathes me. If you haven’t tried it in awhile, I suggest it for a playful meditation soon. Or really just a playful moment. Because meditation isn’t the only way to touch God or kiss the sky.

Tonight a friend was telling me about his role models. I started thinking of my own. There are countless people that have inspired me, especially women in my family, a few powerful teachers, and a super incredible 4-H leader from when I was growing up. I am deeply in debt to these individuals. That said, is there anyone who I would love to model myself after? To be just like her or him, accomplishing her or his accomplishments, living life as she or he did?

Einstein and Jesus come to mind. They had their profound roles and I am forever in debt to them for their generosity and the way they gave their lives.I realize that to put Jesus on the level of a human may be offensive to some, but I am sincerely appreciating the fullness of this being who tread on our soil and taught such beautiful things (very little of which you hear much about today). But I do not wish to live their lives.

There is one character that I remember having a feeling of wanting to emanate. It is the spirit of the forest, in Princess Mononoke (incredible Japanese anime film that I can’t recommend highly enough). I remember the way that life would sprout and grow and thrive under those divine footsteps, like Shiva or another form of God creating and destroying. With such grace that I wanted to surrender to that sense of deep Beauty… it is truly awe inspiring. I want to create flowers in my footsteps; life overflowing by taking a simple step. To bring as much Beauty to the world as is possible from this tiny-but-huge human existence.

I don’t exactly know how to do that; I just try. I think it starts with having a dream. And continues with believing it is possible. Sometimes my clients say it is too much to believe their highest dreams are possible, so I tell them to at least imagine. That imagining may open doors that you have never thought of. I dream of spreading Great Beauty, and deep Opening or Liberation into the world… liberating people from the traps of believing in a small world. A small world is beautiful if you fall in Love with it, but I mean a small world that is confined with walls of social expectations, empty cosmos, and the drone of endless TV and internet programming. A small world that clouds and darkens the soul and the heart, limiting our eyes from the brilliance all around us.

We live – that alone is enough to show that everything around us is a fucking miracle. How could it be any less? How can we get so used to it? As if it is not THE most incredible thing EVER? This breath is so much more than amazing… the billions of cells in your body responding to your thoughts, your breath, the air around you, this big massively spinning globe that is stuck in a loop around a big gorgeous star that is keeping us in the temperature zone for LIFE. Wow. It is brilliant, beyond all hopes. That alone. And then life has continued to explore through us humans… procreating until it is ready to spread itself beyond this planet – actually finding other planets that might be able to host us with liquid water! It is actually happening! Life is amazing – call it God, the Universe, or something totally unknown, it is nothing short of mind-blowing Beauty and Wonder. And somehow we let ourselves forget that. Even this internet is just incredible. What frontiers Life explores through us…!

How can we just forget that we are living in a complete awe-inspiring miracle? You can choose to remember. Right now you can feel this breath and be astounded – because you have that power. To reflect, to imagine, to consider. No small thing. And if you want to, you can look up a picture of some awe-inspiring cosmic entity (a galaxy, nebula, whatever) and put it somewhere to re-mind you. Or you can choose to look a little more closely at the flowers or leaves you pass by on your next walk home. Every bit of it is amazing. Including these 7 billion humans that are shaping this planet. Love them – just for the hell of it, Love them radically, if you want to!

Try to more deeply love this perfect body you live in. You might be angry at it, feeling like it is not perfect, not healthy, failing you in one way or another. And you may be right. But this body allows your heart to ache and love and your senses to explore a big bold world. This body is your window to experience life. Maybe we live beyond this lifetime, maybe not. Either way, we have this precious window – these eyes, ears, this mind, this skin… touching is such an incredible gift. Smell is extraordinary… Let’s re-mind ourselves, and each other. Let’s get back to relishing life like the freaking amazing gift that it is. Let’s try to love it all, and them all, a little bit more. You’ll thank yourself for it.

I love you, simply for the profound radiance of existing. Thank you.