Pondering wild spaces of all sorts. Loving nature in her many faces…

Do you ever feel like you just woke up… again?  But you weren’t actually sleeping?  It’s amazing how we can change with the ebbs and flows of life winding.  I was reminded this morning of certain ways I’ve been asleep for awhile.  Maybe asleep isn’t the word – maybe just not fully activated.  It’s like there is this bit of magic that likes to flow through and wakes me up to serious inspiration and clarity.  And I have been missing it.  Is it from the wonderful chiropractor opening my nervous system to flow better?  Is it my practice the last few days?  Is it from the beloved people around me changing their thoughts?  Who knows.  I can say, I am glad.  And life is so beautiful…

I was interviewed tonight by a writer from Body and Soul magazine.  She had some interesting questions and it made me realize that for the past many months I have been so full with keeping businesses running and school flowing, that I haven’t taken much time to step back and consider the whole picture.  How does all my work tie together in the future?  Lots of visions at play there… and lots to consider.  She was also curious whether my practice is what pulled me from the depression of my youth into the thriving life I am living now.  Yes, of course it was my practice.  But was it my Yoga practice?  I suppose it depends on how you describe Yoga.

I think of my practice as equal part Yoga (as a broad term) and equal part nature (as a broad term).  Nice and specific, right?  I wonder what part of that brought me into thrival.  Or was it something else?  Was it more of a decision to live?  A decision to live…?  Such a big decision.  That one certainly did help…. But then there was the decision to heal myself.  And once I made that decision, I would say nature spoke back first.  And nature guided me through its wiley perfect ways into the arms of meditation, subtle energy awareness, and, yes finally, Yoga.  And now I think it’s all Yoga.  But maybe it’s all body.

Maybe my Yoga brought me into love with my personal body….. and what a decadent journey that is and has been.  And yet I don’t believe my body ends at the boundary of my skin (what a revolutionary thought! …not really).  I believe that the natural world surrounding me is an extension of my body.  And that includes you.  It’s all a natural world, depending on how you want to define it.  And right now you are reading these words and participating in my reality.  Or am I participating in yours?  Who is creating this?  Are you changing my life as you read this?  So many questions…..  Back on point.  Nature is also my body.  That’s why I don’t want to pollute it, at least not very much.  I do drive, and occasionally I do eat fried food.  Neither is good for managing body pollution, but both add some sort of quality to my life.  I try to drive less, walk more, and eat more raw food and less fried.  Basic choices for a healthier body.  Now I wish I could convince that manufacturer down the way to stop dumping their crap into our body…. But I can start by making my own healthy choices.

Wandering thoughts for the day…. the interplay of practice meets practice, with such subtle boundaries and major overlap.  How did my practice of sitting in nature lead to my Yoga practice, and how are they anything but one practice now?  Maybe it’s not so much about the labels as it is about taking time to find the me hidden in the chaos all around.  What’s your practice?  How does it help you to keep track of the “me” in your world?