Carving Life

Sometimes I forget. Do you? I forget that we are actually on a spaceship. That is not a metaphor – we are on this tiny globe in a big vast universe that looks empty. But it’s not empty. Not even a little bit. Not anywhere. The air around you is no more empty than the components of your body. Because all of this is a huge miracle.

And sometimes I have a day where I am frustrated because traffic sucks and I can’t find what I need anywhere I stop to look for it. And sometimes I feel confused because the heart is a complex and radiant organ and it is so vast I could never explore it enough to understand all of it. And sometimes I know all of that territory without looking. And sometimes the sun seems to be radiating from the center of my chest.

And sometimes I look in the mirror and I see age happening. I see my skin changing and I see that I must have laughed a lot in my 34 years, as my face is carved with my expressions like this beautiful land gets carved with water and wind and our footsteps.

Every day I am carving a path through this journey of time and space and experience. Every day I am challenged, every challenge shows me something new to play with.

When was the last time you got on a swing set? I love to swing really high and at the top of the swing I like to open my face to the sky and imagine I am flying all the way out into it. The clouds, the stars, the deep blue, the murky gray, the mystery and the beauty that breathes me. If you haven’t tried it in awhile, I suggest it for a playful meditation soon. Or really just a playful moment. Because meditation isn’t the only way to touch God or kiss the sky.